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Aspen’s Top Neighborhoods

There is no denying to it that Aspen homes are very expensive. An average home costs more than $4 million, and most of the elegant mansions and picturesque residences sit empty for the remainder of the year.

Though the whole town was caught in recession in 2008 after the slow market on Wall Street and the national real estate crisis, sales finally went down to 60 per cent. However, as of this time, the market has recovered significantly and the asking price for an Aspen home is up to $10 million.

So how does the working class survive here? It’s not that easy, for sure. Asking price for rent can rival those in Manhattan and San Francisco. The local authority realized that the employees there need affordable housing. Their solution is to make a lottery and whoever wins in the lottery will only pay a small amount of its asking price in the free market. Should the winner sell it later on, he cannot sell it in the free market. Even so, you will need Aspen realtors to help you find the perfect home that is right for you! Below are our top two neighborhoods to keep in mind as you search for your dream mountain home.

1 ) The West End

The West End has the beauty no other place can rival. Its homes are Victorian style inspired with yards that are so carefully maintained. At some point, the lawns are full of activities. Kids were playing while their parents were mowing the lawns. There were picnics and cocktail parties in every neighborhood.  Today, on the other hand, the neighboors would only show up few weeks in a year. The West End has become famous also because of the Aspen Music Festival and School and the Aspen Institute. The Aspen Music Festival is being held each summer for nine weeks playing classical songs patronized by music lovers around the world. The Aspen Institute on the other hand holds the renowned Ideas Fest every July which attracts a lot of well-known members of the royalty.  Famous landmarks in the West End include the Yellow Brick Schoolhouse and the Red Brick Center for the Arts.

2) The East End

This is a stark contrast to the West End.  Here you can see aging properties owned by different classes and demographics. This is the home of the locals. However, it also shares a picturesque view of Aspen Mountain and Snyder Park is a paradise for kids and picnic goers. The whole town can be toured either by foot, a bike or a bus.




How To Find A Good Real Estate Broker

Businesses would not consider contracting a worker without a meeting, so why would it be advisable for you to enlist a broker, who will in fact turn into a transitory representative of yours, with taking a seat and asking a couple addresses first? So what kind of things to ask? Make certain to begin with discussion; a few real estate agents you may click with naturally simply through discussion. Ensure this feels like a specialist you can trust, and that you can be real to life with about your needs, monetary circumstance, and spending limits. On the off chance that you are not happy, the deal won’t be an agreeable procedure either!

Next, you need to figure out their profession. Don’t hesitate to request references; once more, you need to take a gander at this as a prospective employee meet-up. Ensure that their clients are as cheerful as they need you to think they seem to be. Likewise ask to what extent they have been in the business and to what extent they have sold realty in the Houston territory. It will give you a vibe for how well they know the business and the territory. In the event that the real estate agent is new to the territory and has never lived there, he or she may not be the correct fit, particularly on the off chance that you are new to the region also.

Discover what they can accomplish for you. Ask what exceptional or one of a kind administrations they give, for example, virtual visits or unique hours. Get some information about the system they have at the top of the priority list for offering your home or discovering you another property. Try not to be reluctant to get your potential real estate broker to offer you a reprieve down of what your experience will resemble, all the way.